Friday, November 15, 2013

Help for Tinnitus Without Using Hearing Aids

Widex, a manufacturer of premium hearing aids, has introduced a device to help people with tinnitus who do not have an accompanying hearing loss. The Zen2Go device provides relief from tinnitus by playing random harmonic tones. It fits behind the ear and looks similar to a hearing instrument. While it is not necessary for an audiologist to program the device in order for it to work, it is highly recommended that an individual consult with a hearing professional before purchasing it. Seeking counsel from an audiologist who is professionally trained to manage tinnitus will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the Zen2Go device.

To hear what Zen2Go sounds like, click here.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

An App to Help You Hear Better on a Smartphone

Difficulty conversing on the phone is a common problem for individual's with hearing loss. The quality of the transmission and the presence of background noise complicate the ability to understand what is being said. This often leads the individual with hearing loss to avoid phone conversations almost entirely. 

In October, SoundFest released the RealClarity app to help those with hearing loss hear conversations more clearly on a smartphone. The app is designed to filter out background noise and promote the speaker's voice. The user can also create programs for different listening environments. The RealClarity app is available for Android devices and iPhones®.

For more information, visit SoundFest's RealClarity app page by clicking here.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

GN ReSound LiNX™- the Made for iPhone® Hearing Aid

The GN ReSound LiNX™ is the world's first made for iPhone® hearing aid. This means the audio of the iPhone can wirelessly stream to both hearing aids without the use of an intermediary device like a streamer. The GN ReSound LiNX™ also contains several features:
  • Enhanced bluetooth (wireless) connectivity without additional battery consumption
    • Improved 2.4 gHz transmission technology makes this possible
  • GN ReSound's new strategy for frequency compression     
    • This feature promotes the audibility of higher frequencies without causing distortion.
  • Programming options to make voices clearer and more understandable in difficult listening environments like restaurants
  • Whistle-free technology
    • Feedback is eliminated before it becomes audible
  • User-friendly programming that gradually acclimates the individual to amplification
GN ReSound plans to make LiNX hearing aids available for purchase within the first quarter of 2014.
For more information, click here to visit GN ReSound's website.
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Monday, November 4, 2013

Read Conversations on Your Smartphone with the CapTel® App

Do you have difficulty participating in conversations on a smartphone? Would you benefit from having the words of your conversation scrolled on the phone as you talk? The Hamilton CapTel® App was designed for this purpose. Available on both Android devices and iPhones®, the Hamilton CapTel App provides captioning for your conversations. The text of your conversation scrolls on the screen of the smartphone as you speak.

For more information on the Hamilton CapTel App for iPhonesclick here.

For more information on the CapTel App for Android devices, click here.

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