Monday, June 27, 2011


The Siemens Aquaris satisfies the Food & Drug Administration criteria to qualify as the first truly waterproof hearing aid.  The completely sealed housing shell and battery door enables the Aquaris to be completely waterproof. 

The watertight housing and moisture-resistant surface of the Aquaris safeguard the electronics from corrosion and efficiently repel dust, sweat, and dirt. Enjoy outdoor recreation or exercise without the fear of damaging your hearing aid.  Make your golf partner sweat instead of your hearing aids!

Offered in two performance levels, the Aquaris features:
- Feedback stopper which automatically detects and stops feedback
- Speech Focus which helps you hear and understand what's being said from any direction
- SoundLearning 2.0 which learns and automatically adjusts to your individual hearing preferences
- Bluetooth Technology which wirelessly connects to phones, MP3 players, TVs and other audio devices so you can listen to them while you swim.

 - The Aquapac -
Listen to your iPod while you swim and talk on your cell phone while you fish or kayak! 
Waterproof and water pressure resistant, the Aquapac is perfect for storing your small electronic devices like remote controls, mobile phones, or MP3 players when at the pool or in contact with the elements.

 - Tek and miniTek -
Wirelessly connect to phones, MP3 players, TVs and other audio devices. Stream stereo sound directly to your Aquaris.

- The Sport Clip -
The Sport Clip securely attaches the Aquaris to your ear, preventing the loss or displacement of your hearing aids while you enjoy your favorite extreme activities.
To find out if the Aquaris is right for your particular type of hearing loss and lifestyle, visit our website or call our offices to schedule a no-charge consult with one of our clinical audiologists!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hearing Aid Repair Warranties

There are two types of warranties that are usually included in the purchase price of hearing aids.  They are:
--Loss and Damage Warranty
--Repair Warranty
A Loss and Damage Warranty will allow the wearer to replace each aid once if the instrument is loss.  Each hearing aid manufacturer usually charges a restocking fee to replace a lost hearing aid.  This fee ranges from $150 to $200 depending on the manufacturer.

A Repair Warranty will insure the hearing aid in the event it needs a repair the audiologist is not able to perform.  A repair warranty usually lasts for two years.  Once the repair warranty expires, each out of warranty repair the manufacturer may perform will cost a flat fee of at least $225.  This is why we highly recommend keeping the repair warranty on hearing aids current.   Appalachian Audiology sends out letters roughly one month in advance to alert each patient that their hearing aid repair warranty is about to expire.  We charge $150 to extend a repair warranty for 12 months.  If your hearing aid needs a repair that the audiologists are not able to perform, this charge will cover the repair warranty extension and strictly limit any financial liability of the patient. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

How Do I Know If I Need My Hearing Tested?

Ask Yourself:
  • Do you often say“I can hear you, but I can't understand what you're saying”?
  • Is it hard to hear conversations in crowded places like restaurants?
  • Do you find children's or women's voices hard to hear?
  • Do you need the TV volume louder than others?
  • Does your family get frustrated repeating themselves?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it's time to have your hearing evaluated!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Optimizing Your Hearing Aid Experience by Training Your Brain to Listen

Dr. Robert Sweetown, Professor of Otolaryngology, University of California has created a patient counseling article to help consumers understand why training the brain to listen is so important in optimizing the hearing aid experience. To read this article from The Better Hearing Institute,  click here!